SureLog SIEM

Detect cyber threats and increase overall security with


Real Security innovation with SIEM

  • Detecting Masquerading

  • Random String Analysis Based Malware Detection

  • Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA) Detections

  • Federated Anomaly Detection Engine Using Classification

SureLog SIEM and Advanced Threat Detection


The world’s most economical SIEM Solutions. Siem Tools

siem real time

Real-time Visibility

Effortlessly monitor network devices in real-time and detect potential threats sooner.

Automated Compliance

Simplify and automate regulatory compliance reporting to avoid costly fines and audits.

Threat Detection

Quickly identify and stop advanced persistent threats before they cause significant damage.

Why SureLog SIEM?

  • Write 3x – 4x throughput compared to Elastic search (ES)

  • Data scanning speed during query processing ~5x query speed of ES

  • Hot (alive, online, immediately available) logs compression ratio is 40x – 100x compared to Elastic search (ES)

Deploy a multi-layer detection system, since no single detection method can find all threats.

The power of SureLog SIEM

siem, siem tools

Real-time threat detection

The software’s AI-powered the engine can analyze vast amounts of data in real-time to detect and alert on threats before they can do harm.

siem hot log

Hot Log Compression

Disk costs matter. Reducing data size by compression and cutting SIEM costs is an efficient SIEM cost management practice.

siem surelog features

Uncover the invisible

The Software analyzes large amounts of data from various sources to detect complex security threats.

Benefits of SureLog SIEM

Increased security

SureLog SIEM’s advanced threat detection and response capabilities can help organizations protect against cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Improved compliance

The software helps organizations meet regulatory requirements by providing a comprehensive view of security events and incidents.

Efficient resource utilization

The software’s intelligent engine can prioritize and escalate incidents, reducing noise and streamlining the response process.