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Secure Web Gateway

Secure Web Gateway

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What is Secure Web Gateway

Secure Web Gateway (SWG) technology combines anti-malware, URL filtering, Web content filtering, bandwidth management, application control and caching capabilities in order to SECURE, MONITOR and CONTROL Web 2.0 traffic, whether it is encrypted or not.

Browsers are the least-protected and therefore easiest medium for transferring malware, which helps to explain the increase in browser-based attacks. Cybercriminals are constantly creating innovative attacks such as spear phishing and bogus “money-saver” websites to take advantage of employees and inadequate IT safeguards. Employees themselves are sometimes guilty of visiting sites that are dangerous or simply inappropriate. In either case, the web can seem like a minefield for organizations trying to conduct legitimate business. Secure Web Gateway technologies defuse the bombs.

The most important feature to be considered for a Secure Web Gateway solution is security. Real-time detection that goes beyond file signatures is an important differentiator. Vendors that can appeal to a cloud infrastructure that constantly analyze the traffic from different geographical areas through sensors, can offer better protection against new and unknown form of malware by immediately updating the URL databases and virus definition database for all customers in real time.

The technology offers protection against threats arising from Internet browsing. In this way, the network is protected, because each page viewed is analyzed before being displayed (if it is not already indexed in the database).

Application control is an increasing requirement as organization tries to reduce costs and to improve the performance of business applications.

Reporting capabilities for Web usage, based on user/user group, IP level, time frame, malware detected, URL categories accessed, will offer a broad view on user activity and will also to quickly identify problems and to take measures to mitigate them.

Web became a platform for business and social activities and many employees require access for daily business operations. Although there are great benefits for an organization from using Web as a business driver, there are also some downsides: legal liabilities and losing of information can have a major business impact: losing market position, customer trust and so on.

Secure Web Gateway technology offers protection, cost optimization and increase productivity by:

  • Minimizing the risk of exposure to malware;
  • Eliminate problems of legal liability due to inappropriate surfing of employees;
  • Prevent the transmission of confidential information outside the network through protocols which are analyzed: HTTP/S, FTP;
  • Providing and improving application performance by prioritizing traffic capabilities;
  • Reporting user activity.

Secure Web Gateway technology can be found in different forms: hardware based, software based, SaaS or hybrid and can be deployed in various ways in order to fit business needs.