Sangfor NGAF Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) meets all firewall security needs

Sangfor’s Next-Generation Firewall eliminates 99% of malware at the perimeter

Sangfor’s Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is a network firewall security device designed to filter and inspect network and application traffic for threats, secure the network environment from intrusion, and bring in security intelligence from outside the network. Sangfor NGAF is a truly secure, integrated and simplified solution, providing a holistic view of the entire organizational security network, with ease of operation & maintenance for administration.

NGAF is the world’s first AI-enabled Next-Generation Firewall, fully integrated with Web Application Firewall and Endpoint Security products, providing all-around protection from all threats and powered by the malware detection and protection of Neural-X and Engine Zero.

Sangfor NGAF databases are automatically and proactively updated to keep your network and business safe from new, unknown and zero-day attacks. You can install NGAF  on-premise as a Network Hardware Firewall or on the cloud as a Software (Virtual) Firewall. It is compatible with Sangfor HCI or VMware ESXi.

Features & Capabilities

  • Endpoint Secure: All-in-One Endpoint Security Management

    Sangfor NGAF Network Firewall offers the world’s first native, integrated endpoint security with Endpoint Secure, providing simplified management through a firewall GUI dashboard, to help small to mid-size enterprises (10-300 employees) simplify network & endpoint security operations, with single-pane-of-glass management.

    Integrated NGAF & Endpoint Secure go beyond traditional anti-virus and EDR to provide:

    • More advanced malware protection against all malicious files, known, unknown, or zero-day
    • 60% cost savings versus EDR deployment (based on 300 agents’ annual price)
    • 40% faster deployment with security event correlation & response