Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Having UTM solutions is an outstanding defense against major offenses that can cripple the infrastructure of your company.

Unified threat management or UTM is a way to monitor and manage multiple security applications as well as the entire infrastructure of the company through a single console which streamlines the process to make it more manageable for the admin. UTM has gained momentum and has become the primary source as a defense solution for organizations.

UTM’s can be either cloud or network-based and they provide a wide range of security solutions including intrusion detection, firewalls, antivirus/antimalware, content filtering and many more security-based solutions to protect the businesses valuable information.

Without having security solutions and UTM in place, your business is left completely vulnerable to liability, lawsuits and worse. The statistics are pretty mind-blowing. 1 in 6 companies will be victims of a data breach and a high percentage will have to close down due to it. The majority of those breaches will be traced back to some sort of organized crime.

Preventative measures are a necessity to keep your business safe from external threats as well as employee negligence. All it takes is a simple mistake, an employee clicking on, what they thought was safe, a social media site. That site has the potential to open up a dam to viruses and malware which could have staggering effects on your company.

UTM’s streamline the security solutions which translates to time and money saved for your business, not to mention peace of mind.

As we mentioned previously, having a Unified Threat Management solutions in place makes the security process run much smoother. But, there are many more benefits to having a UTM.

It provides protection to emails and web by inspecting incoming emails for malware, spyware, phishing and more. It also filters URL’s and web content which can limit or block employees access to certain sites, therefore downsizing the amount of liability and threats that the Internet can pose.

Network intrusions are prevented by identifying and stopping them in their destructive path, insuring a smooth running network.

UTM’s block communications that may be hazardous such as person-to-person emails and messaging. It aids in controlling data leaks as well as increasing employee productivity by not allowing access to those sites.

With the UTM solutions, there is a VPN function which allow mobile worker to access the network securely while still maintaining the same level of data security. And, with the rise of employees using wireless and mobile devices to work, this feature has become a priority to keep business information private.

Having Unified Threat Management solutions is an outstanding defense against major offenses that can cripple the infrastructure of your company.

What Product Does ABS MENA Offer?

A full range of Network Box models is available to support diverse performance and environmental requirements. These models are designated S for Small, M for Medium or E for Enterprise and are designed to suit the typical workloads encountered in each organizational type.

The security software running, services available, and protection afforded by all models however, are identical. The differences between models are purely hardware features and performance.

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