Security Event Management

Security Event Management

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What is Security Event Management

Security Information and Event Management(SIEM) solutions are a combination of the formerly disparate product categories of:

– SEM (security event management) analyzes security event data in real time (for threat management, primarily in network events)

– SIM (security information management) analyzes and reports on log data (for privileged user and

resource access monitoring and compliance reporting, primarily in host and application events)

A SIEM solution provides the possibility of addressing both internal and external threat management by collecting data (logs) about the security level of all critical components within a network and turning that data into useful information within a single interface, while producing undeniable benefits – the ability to react in real time to threats and to meet compliance  mandates.

A SIEM solution offers the possibility of real-time monitoring, providing better visibility over security risks through fast detection of internal and external attacks. SIEM takes over the work of tens of people adding on top of it the correlation of seemingly unrelated events.

By implementing such a solution, the whole process starting from collecting data to sending out the reports becomes easier, much faster and much more exact, offering a precise and easy to interpret image about the level of security within an organization.

Using a SIEM solution the incident response time drops from few weeks or even months to a few minutes, by switching to an automatic strategy of incident response.