Data Loss Prevention With Safetica

Be a way from expensive data leaks

What’s Safetica


Safetica protects you from expensive data leaks and unnecessary personnel costs. No other product can protect your business from such a range of human mistakes and malicious actions. It is the only software which can save you time and money through its early detection of dangerous internal activities. With it you get a full-fledged security solution with fast and easy deployment.

  • Covers all data leak channels.
  • Saves the cost of repairing a data breach.
  • Identifies suspicious activities before they result in lost time and money.
  • Reduces personnel costs by identifying productivity issues and improving work performance.

How Safetica Will Help You


Data loss prevention

Keep key data inside your company. Employees can’t take important information to a competitor or start their own businesses

Social engineering

Can detect socially engineered attacks and blackmail attempts at the initial stages, preventing them from damaging your company.

Misdirected files

Prevent important files from getting into the wrong hands, either inside or outside the company, and warns management of potential dangers.

Lost laptops & thumbdrives

Important data is protected by Safetica even if lost on the road. The whole disc or selected files remain encrypted and unreadable by the thief.

Productivity fluctuations

Help identify changes in productivity and reveal dangerous trends in time.

Resource management

Can control printer use, applications and limit excessive online activities.

BYOD security

Keep employee-owned devices in the company under control. No data in a company’s protected zone can sneak out on these devices.

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