Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solution

We provide a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) suite topped by the complete prevention from all threats originating from human activities.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solution

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What is Data Loss Prevention

To provide security of computer data from hackers, normal computer failure or user error, data protection is a must-have tool to provide businesses peace of mind. Data protection backs up data from the host to the destination while providing information security.

Similar in nature to data backup software, data protection software targets privacy and security. The software is installed on every device that is in need of data leak protection and backup. Basically, data protection protects the rights of the company and all of its information.

Data Leak Protection is put into play to safeguard their sensitive information. An encryption program is the key player in doing just that on both the physical and virtual level. It keeps businesses in control of their own information.

Data Leak Protection and security should definitely be a priority for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

DLP technologies give organizations tools to develop, educate and enforce better business practices concerning the handling and transmission of sensitive data. This technology is designed to be an effective in preventing theft of intellectual property and for preventing accidental disclosure of regulated information, but used to its full capability, DLP is a nontransparent control, which means it is intentionally visible to an end user with a primary value proposition of changing user behavior. Nontransparent controls can change the business culture in organizations, and it’s critical to get business involvement in the requirements planning and implementation of DLP controls.

The inadvertent data lost actually represents the problem, so these automated controls are proving useful. However, motivated insiders will always find ways to steal data, and no technology will ever be able to fully control this.

As DLP technologies became more mature, organizations expectation from a DLP product must include abilities like:

  • Detection of sensitive content using sophisticated content-aware detection techniques, including partial and exact document matching, structured data fingerprinting, statistical analysis, extended regular expression matching, and conceptual and lexicon analysis
  • Detection of  sensitive content – structured and unstructured data in any combination of network traffic, data at rest or endpoint operations
  • Blocking capabilities for data at rest, in motion and in use.

Data Loss Protection and backup gives businesses the capacity to enforce offsite storage meaning no boxes and cabinets filled with private information sitting within units just waiting to be lost or destroyed. The more often data exchanges hands, the more unknowingly susceptible it is to theft.

To protect your companies valuable information assets such as account numbers, private and sensitive documents and anything else that is considered private, data protection is the upmost priority in security solutions. It is also another line of defense against malware attacks, identity thieves and any other shadow lurking in the dark corners.

Backup software encrypts and sends data to a specified center which adds to another layer of security and protection. Technology is growing and its users take things for granted which can prove dangerous in today’s world of hackers and pirates. Because most people use the internet to send and receive information, chances are the delicate information can be hacked. Which is why encryption proves to be an ever-growing importance for security and peace of mind in businesses as well as for personal use. Data encryption allows the user to protect their valuable and personal information that is being sent across the Internet, making it difficult for anyone else to gain access to.

In business and personal life, the importance of information protection is an ever-growing concern. As the Internet evolves, so do the hackers ways and means. That’s why it’s of upmost importance to have a Data Protection Solution in place.