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We offer the best protection for your email on the market.

Why the Need for Email Security?

Email is one thing that is used multiple times daily so it’s a pressing matter on both a personal and business level that emails are as secure as possible. With the hacking, phishing, spamming and identity theft on the rise so is the growing need for email security to ensure privacy and safety of information.

There are four basic ways emails run the risk of being compromised, devices, network, servers and through the recipient. Emails weren’t initially created to be secure due to the fact that they weren’t originally going to be the major means of communication. Since the introduction of emails, however, they have become just that; the predominate form of communication.

Because emailing is here to stay, and so are multiple forms of attacking, it has become an upmost priority and imperative to protect private and important information being sent which has made email security is a necessity.

One would think that, in today’s Internet landscape, emails would automatically be secure. But, that is far from the case. Because the email system was developed when the World Wide Web wasn’t so vast, everything was open and accessible to those who understood how to get a hold of the transferred data and emails.

Malware was created to access emails and obtain delicate information. Most email services store your messages as plain text. If the network the email is on is breached, via a flaw in security or password hacking, all the emails and their attachments have become fair game. To store these emails with an encryption can be costly so most servers store emails as texts which allows the user to search messages.

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Over 99.9% spam blocked

SpamTitan offers the best protection for your email on the market. We consistently block more than 99.9% of all spam and have independent comparative tests and awards to show this. We include two antivirus products, Kaspersky and Clam AV, at no additional cost. We identify and block phishing mail, mail from Botnets, graphic based spam, malicious URLs and implement a host of other security measures to ensure your organisation gets the best protection available on the market.

Advanced features

The all-in-one solution

While SpamTitan can be set up “out of the box” in as little as 10 minutes, we also include a full suite of advanced features to ensure all your email protection requirements are met. Features like email encryption, pattern filtering, outbound scanning, multiple ISP related features, and many many more ensures SpamTitan delivers the comprehensive solution for all email threats.

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