Zecurion DLP, Traffic Control Lifetime License

Zecurion DLP Traffic Control Lifetime License

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The internet is the backbone of business today — but it also exposes data to significant risk. If employees or customers can connect to company resources and access sensitive or confidential data, then attackers may also be able to compromise, expose, or steal that data.

A malicious attack isn’t the only possible threat, though. As users communicate with one another via email or messaging platforms they may inadvertently reveal sensitive data. Some users may leverage unauthorized cloud storage platforms to store or transfer data — putting it at greater risk of compromise.

It’s crucial for organizations to monitor traffic and control the flow of data across internet channels to minimize the risk of intentional or inadvertent data loss.

Zecurion Traffic Control provides a range of features and capabilities designed to give you the control and visibility you need.

Total control of internet channels

Zecurion DLP gives you full control of outgoing data over internet-connected channels, including email, web-based email, social networks, messaging platforms, and more. You can intercept and analyze network communications across most protocols.

Analysis of encrypted traffic

Encrypted traffic may allow sensitive data to escape the network undetected. Zecurion Traffic Control decrypts SSL connections using a man-in-the-middle (MitM) approach, providing full control of outgoing data even when using HTTPS.

Email quarantine

Zecurion Traffic Control can be configured to isolate suspicious emails for manual inspection. Enabling manual inspection of the messages reduces false positives and negatives and allows for better accuracy in identifying messages that require further action.

Zecurion Traffic Control can function as either an active filter or it can just analyze mirrored traffic. The active filter monitors traffic and blocks dangerous transactions in real-time. Organizations can also take a phased approach — starting with a mirrored setup to allow for policies to be tested and tuned for

maximum effectiveness and efficiency and then transitioning over to active filtering.

Analysis of internal email traffic

Traffic Control lets you monitor and track confidential data inside your network. A Microsoft Exchange plugin gives you advanced control and allows you to analyze internal email traffic.

Message modification

You can protect your data without impeding productivity by selectively removing sensitive or confidential information. Traffic Control provides a more flexible and less intrusive method of leak prevention by enabling you to modify messages to remove confidential files while leaving other files intact and still allowing the message to be delivered.

Notification about incident

When a security event or incident occurs, Traffic Control can notify the end-user and IT security for a quicker reaction and faster incident response.

Diverse deployment options

One of the primary strengths of Zecurion Traffic Control is the diversity of deployment options. There are passive mode options like SPAN port mirroring, and active mode options such as endpoint agents, SMTP relay, Microsoft Exchange plugin, and more. No matter what size your organization is or what your IT infrastructure looks like, Zecurion Traffic Control offers a fast and simple deployment capability.



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