MonitorApp (AIWAF-200_Y20)

AIWAF is a web application firewall optimized for web application and API security. Based on the world’s top-performing proxy engine, it inspects all traffic entering the web server to protect business-critical assets from web-based attacks such as OWASP TOP 10, L7 DoS attacks, and malicious bots.

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Recommended WEB Traffic300 Mbps
CPS HTTP / HTTPS5,000 / 11,000
TPS HTTP / HTTPS70,000 / 35,000
hroughput HTTP / HTTPS2 Gbps / 1 Gbps
CC HTTP / HTTPS1,700,000 / 100,000
Mgmt Interface /HA Interface1G UTP 1Port / 1G UTP 1Port
Network Interface (Default)1G UTP 4Port
Network Interface (Optional)NIC Slot count 1
Support NIC Type:
– 1G UTP 4Port
– 1G Fiber 4Port
– 10G Fiber 2Port
H/W BypassAll Network
CPUIntel(R) Core™ i3- 8100 4Core 3.6GHz
Form Factor1 U
Power Module300W Single

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Weight6,1 kg
Dimensions430 × 300 × 44 cm


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