Webroot SecureAnywhere®

Reduce Time and Management Costs with Global Views, Hierarchial Management, and Granular Administration Access Rights

Because more and more managed services providers and larger enterprises are adopting Webroot SecureAnywhere® solutions, Webroot has chosen to complement its existing management console with a new, more granular security management infrastructure. This new management option simplifies managing more complex and challenging SecureAnywhere™ solution deployments. The first release of the new Webroot SecureAnywhere® Global Site Manager™ console is available now. Throughout 2014, its functionality will be enhanced to improve its flexibility for managing multi-site, multi-organization, multi-administered, and other highly sophisticated deployment scenarios, and provide more efficient ways to do so. The Global Site Manager console is a no-cost alternative to the standard Webroot® management console

Fast Facts

  • New parent/child keycodes – simplify monitoring and managing different entities like departments, subsidiaries, and customers
  • Generated child keycodes automatically from the console – makes identifying, adding and removing departments, locations or customers easy
  • Full, seamless control – no delays applying for a new keycode from Webroot for each new entity


Unique Customer Consoles
  • Hierarchical management views make it easy to create and monitor multiple customer consoles or locations simultaneously
  • Separate customers or locations with unique administrative access permissions


Top Level Oversight Views
  • Real-time oversight with new top level views over individual, managed entities
  • Monitor endpoints that need attention
Administrator Site Notes
  • Admins can add notes about each customer or location, such as billing cycles, seats allocated, etc.
  • Granular Access Rights & Permissions » Easily delegated admin access permissions for every customer or location under management
  • Fast, granular, customized access to individual entity management consoles with multi-tiered access permissions


Direct Access Management
  • New Global Site Manager console UI allows direct access to any customer, site or other console
  • Seamless integration with existing console selection screens, plus the option to populate multiple MSP portals under a single account
  • All users are protected against new threats in real time


Zero On-Site Infrastructure
  • Centralized online management for all endpoints » Highly automated management and reporting
  • No on-site management hardware or software
  • Full remote policy and endpoint management

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