Smarter benefits, smarter business

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

» No hardware or software to install or manage
» Low ongoing administration overheads
» No switching fees or other upfront costs
» Pay-as-you-go per user/per year model
» Comprehensive 24x7x365 support included

Proactive Web Security

» Stops threats before they reach networks or users
» Heuristic filters protect against unknown threats
» URL filtering and content blocking
» Real-time anti-phishing protection
» Automatically detects anonymizing proxies

Simplified Management

» Intuitive web-based management console
» Set policies at account, group, or user level
» Active Directory and LDAP integration
» Detailed ad-hoc and scheduled reporting
» Auto-updating Desktop Web Proxy agent

Web gateway protection
Stop threats at the network’s edge, enforce internet usage policies, and prevent phishing and other web-borne threats.
Complete policy controls & protection
Prevent users from bypassing security controls. The tamper-proof agent provides seamless user authentication and detects anonymizing proxies to enforce policies.
Encrypted traffic scanning
Block malware and data theft over SSL/HTTPS encrypted traffic. Decrypts and scans traffic to ensure content filtering policies are applied and the network stays secure.
Online management
Reduce hassle and total cost of ownership (TCO). The Webroot management portal is available from any browser, so you don’t need on-premise management hardware or software.
Real-time zombie detection & alerting
Recognizes when machines become “zombies” that communicate with botnets and command and control servers, then blocks contact and alerts admins.
Network support for guests
Apply a persistent cookie approach, so the guest’s browser is managed by the guest network policy even without an installed agent.
Comprehensive logging & reporting
Provides detailed reports ad-hoc or on a scheduled basis for timely and accurate internet usage monitoring.
Roaming control
Enforces policies on remote, off-network users, ensuring they are fully provisioned to receive automatic and uninterrupted protection.

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WebTitan provides a simple and easy Web filtering solution to protect your company and employees.

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