Why Use SpamTitan?

SpamTitan is an award winning Anti-Spam solution that is tried and tested. SpamTitan’s performance is externally validated each month and it consistently features as one of the best catch rates for Anti-Spam solutions from a host of market leaders. SpamTitan has a complete feature set that suits any size business as well as a whole range of features designed specifically for service providers who offer Antispam services to their customers.

Why choose SpamTitan Private Cloud?

Make life easier for your IT department and everyone in your organization who has an email inbox. Simplify your email risk management with SpamTitan Private Cloud
Quick, easy deployment, configuration and management.
  • Easy to get set up, simple to configure, up and running same day.
  • Low maintenance overhead, fully automated updating and end user spam management
  • Web interface that allows controlled access form the network and removes the need for client based management software.
  • LDAP, Dynamic and aliases file recipient verification
  • SASL authentication
  • Full version available in 11 languages
  • No Hardware required
  • No Operating System Requirements
  • No Software required

Ideal for Service Providers

ISPs and MSPs rely on SpamTitan to protect thier customers from spam and malware, without having to maintain servers or infrastructure in house. SpamTitan Private Cloud gives you all of the benefits of SpamTitan with virtually none of the technical overheads. Rebrand SpamTitan Private Cloud, or simply fold it invisibly into your service offering – the choice is yours.

Rebrand (White Label) and Integrate (API) into your infrastructure
  • White labelling
  • Extensive API set for integration with 3rd party management products


Protects your network from rogue or hacked customers
  • Clustered – across geogrpahies if required
  • Advanced features for outbound mail scanning and routing
  • IP protection control


Manageably Scalable
  • Unlimited users, unlimited domains
  • Multi-level administration (user, domain, groups of domains etc.)


Rely on our robust cloud infrastructure
  • SpamTitan ‘Private Cloud’ – dedicated email security in our data centres

Many solutions were simply cost prohibitive while those that were within our budget would not scale to our needs. SpamTitan offered exactly the right combination of price and performance.

James Brown
Network Analyst

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