The Standoff recap

The Standoff recap

due to contingencies with COVID-19, we have to cancel our webinar “The Standoff recap”. Once things settle down, we will announce a new date.


The Standoff is a cyber-range platform for creating the truly secure IT infrastructure of the future. This year at The Standoff, 29 offensive and 6 defensive teams battled each other non-stop in a mock digital city for 123 hours from November 12 to November 17.

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During the battle, professional hackers successfully breached the perimeter of all six companies and gained persistence on corporate networks. Systems were taken offline at the airport, amusement park, chemical plant, and oil company. The business centre and bank were hit as well.

At the date to be determined later, our SOC experts will reconstruct the kill chain of several successful attacks to show just how hackers found their way in. As a bonus, we will show how to detect such network activity using Positive Technologies monitoring tools.