Customer Experience Solution

Tellkom® is an integrated suite of solutions for customer onboarding, retention, and contract management, designed to improve customer experience in the telecommunications sector.



  • Tellkom provides the telecommunication sector with a suite of solutions that enable the digital transformation of service providers to become more efficient, future-proof, competitive and scalable.
  • Tellkom was designed around the expectations of today’s customers for telecommunication services, including speed, quality, and availability.
  • Tellkom’s suite includes devices and solutions for customer onboarding, SIM card registration, contract management, and customer retention.


  • Tellkom features biometric identity devices (BIDs) that enable service providers to capture key biometric information in a decentralized manner through their networks of branches.
  • Tellkom’s BIDs are equipped with a fingerprint reader, ID chip card reader, and passport reader, in addition to their ability to capture signatures and scan documents.
  • The captured information can be relayed to automatic or manual workflows for data validation as part of the onboarding process.
  • With the help of Tellkom’s onboarding devices, points of sales and customer service can save time, cut costs, and serve customers more efficiently by acquiring all required information in one place in one go.


  • There’s an ever-growing need in the telecommunications sector for retaining customers and upselling new products and services to existing customers. Outbound sales agents continuously reach out to both active and inactive customers with relevant and valuable offers.
  • To support the retention department’s requirements of keeping customer data up to date and enhancing the upsell experience, Tellkom provides custom-built handheld devices that are used on the field by sales agents when delivering SIM cards, mobile phones, or tablets.
  • With Tellkom’s retention module, service providers can automate the process of capturing updated customer details and validating their applications.


  • Tellkom features a comprehensive and secure customer registration management system that is accessible through the web and smartphone devices.
  • Register customers anywhere and anytime. Capture their data as mandated by regulatory authorities and store it in a safe and secure manner with Tellkom’s registration module which is also readily connected with Tellkom’s onboarding and retention devices.
  • Tellkom’s registration solution can be used by service providers or by dealers and sub-dealers for new or existing SIM card registration.

Contract Management

  • Tellkom offers a comprehensive solution for managing contracts, SIM numbering and inventories for operators.
  • Control the full lifecycle of SIM products and numbers in a consistent and secure manner by accurately managing, assigning and tracking SIM orders and logistic resources in real-time
  • Tellkom’s contract management solution helps you achieve greater operational efficiency and improve the customer experience while reducing risks of error.

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