Tarasol™ Correspondence, Task and Meeting Management System

Tarasol is a Smart Collaboration Platform that helps government and public sector entities to achieve a paperless working environment by automating and managing correspondence, meetings and cases electronically powered by digital signatures.


  • Tarasol is a web-based, multilingual, and highly scalable system for handling administrative correspondence and case management.
  • With Tarasol you can achieve an efficient and paperless work environment and focus on what really matters.
  • Automate your correspondence, lead more productive meetings, and collaborate on projects and tasks with Tarasol’s integrated suite of solutions.
  • Tarasol helps you manage your work from anywhere with its native mobile applications for iOS and Android.
  • Tarasol features a user-friendly interface available in English, Arabic, and French and a user experience designed for maximum productivity.
  • Nothing gets lost in Tarasol. All completed work items get archived using Tarasol’s secure ECM repository or your existing ECM system. You can search for any correspondence easily through an intuitive basic search or an advanced search that lets you specify more details to narrow down your searches.


Correspondence Management

  • Tarasol helps you achieve an efficient and paperless work environment by automating all types of official communications including incoming and outgoing mail, internal memos, circulars, comments, messages, announcements, and broadcasts.
  • Compose new correspondence through a user-friendly customizable form and rich-text editor from within the web browser with the ability to scan documents and upload attachments. Publish correspondences easily with one click that generates a printable PDF after embedding your signature and your official header and footer.
  • Route and approve correspondences through customizable workflows that map your existing organizational structure, roles and processes.
  • Tarasol provides you with a clean workspace that shows all the items that require action or review.

Task Management

  • Tarasol helps you get things done by providing a platform to manage all your projects, cases, and tasks and enable your teams to work collaboratively.
  • Create cases in Tarasol for incoming cases that you will work on with others or for internal or external projects that require collaborative efforts. Create and assign tasks, set deadlines, update the progress rates of tasks, create sub-tasks, upload attachments and make comments easily. You can also link related correspondences or meetings to ensure a 360 view of your project.

Meeting Management

  • Tarasol helps you lead more productive meetings through its advanced agenda management where every item on the agenda is manageable and actionable.
  • Schedule and organize one-off or recurring meetings easily. Set the agenda, upload related files, link related cases and correspondences, and then invite your attendees.
  • Manage meeting rooms and their availability schedule. Generate minutes of meeting reports automatically and turn resulting action points into trackable tasks.

Reporting and Administration

  • Tarasol helps you stay on top of your work by providing you with a real-time dashboard powered by customizable analytical reports on virtually anything you need to track, starting with correspondence statistics, progress on action points, all the way to the productivity of a certain user or department.
  • Tarasol administrators can intervene at any point to reassign or delegate tasks, manage workloads, and activate or deactivate processes.
  • Tarasol enables advanced management of users and privileges while integrating with Microsoft Active Directory and mapping your organization’s hierarchy and structure.
  • Tarasol provides a dedicated and simplified VIP interface with native touch and pen device support.

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