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Health Information Management System

MedLogic eHIM® helps healthcare providers secure their existing investments in health IT, gain the highest ratings in quality standards, and become completely paperless.


  • MedLogic eHIM is more than just an EHR; it consolidates all of the hospital’s back-end systems into a single system with an easy-to-use interface that is accessible from web browsers, and mobile and tabular devices.
  • MedLogic eHIM gives physicians and other medical care personnel instant access to their task lists and patient charts. It integrates scanned images and electronic clinical data to create an all-inclusive patient data repository.
  • Documents of virtually any type can be included in the patient’s chart: transcribed reports, scanned images, imported documents and electronic forms.
  • MedLogic eHIM enables a complete shift towards electronic health records and automation of health information processes while solving medical records challenges such as classification, chart loss, and late deliveries.
  • MedLogic eHIM increases efficiency, productivity, and performance on many levels, thus reducing patient waiting times and increasing revenues by increasing the capacity to serve more patients.

Electronic Health Records

  • MedLogic eHIM features a complete electronic medical record system capable of maintaining all types and formats of medical information for easy retrieval and processing.
  • MedLogic eHIM sets itself apart by providing backfile scanning and archiving workflows to enable established hospitals to digitize and index their existing paper records.
  • MedLogic eHIM streamlines documentation by providing a large number of standard ready-made forms and templates that cover all specialities and ancillaries, powered by preconfigured identifiers and terminology, with the ability to design new forms without programming knowledge.
  • Examples of standard MedLogic eHIM forms include growth charts, pregnancy profiles, medical reports, progress notes, and health education.
  • MedLogic eHIM includes a complete patient appointment scheduling system and can integrate with a number of third-party appointment scheduling software.

Clinical Automation

  • MedLogic eHIM provides advanced clinical workflows to automate the data entry, processing, and reporting of medical records.
  • MedLogic eHIM supports ICD-10 standard coding for diagnosis and procedures, powered by auto-complete and lookup searches.
  • MedLogic eHIM enables physicians to dictate their notes and reports directly to tablet devices or desktop computers and automatically recognizes the speech and converts it to text notes.
  • MedLogic eHIM enables operators to initiate queries to physicians about ambiguities or inconsistencies or deficiencies in medical charts, and physicians in turn can read and reply to queries from their tablet devices.
  • MedLogic eHIM enables patients to request copies of their medical reports online through a web portal or through a self-service kiosk system, and receive their reports in the electronic or printed form once the approval process is completed.
  • MedLogic eHIM enables physicians to generate instant reports and sign them either by a digital signature, or fingerprint or authenticate them by smart card or smartphone.
  • With its embedded process designer, MedLogic eHIM is able to map and automate any clinical workflow or procedure and optimize its performance.

User Experience and Data Integrity


  • MedLogic eHIM provides a seamless user experience tailored to healthcare professionals and accessible from web browsers or native mobile and tablet apps, enabling them to search for and browse medical records, schedule appointments and tasks, execute jobs and procedures, display and fill medical forms, collaborate and communicate with fellow team members.
  • The user interface of MedLogic eHIM with all its components is available in multiple languages including English, Arabic, and French.
  • MedLogic eHIM supports patient engagement by enabling medical consultations with physicians over chat.
  • MedLogic eHIM features a security model based on users and groups and security profiles with granular levels of privileges. For instance, MedLogic eHIM can limit physicians browsing of medical records to their own patients, or browsing without being able to edit or delete, or allow them to access old records in predefined schedules.
  • Medical records integrity is also maintained through enforcing version control on modifications and providing electronic signatures on files to prevent tampering.

Connectivity and Standards

  • Medical charts in MedLogic eHIM are arranged and classified to meet the requirements of the JCI standards when it comes to medical records.
  • MedLogic eHIM provides radiologists with the ability to browse high-resolution standard digital radiology images when integrated with PACS systems.
  • MedLogic eHIM features a DICOM Viewer to display DICOM medical images, and supports linking with medical equipment and third-party medical systems through the HL7 standard protocol.
  • MedLogic eHIM supports ICD-10 coding for medical diagnostics and procedures, manually and automatically.
  • MedLogic eHIM is highly customizable as it features a fully documented API that covers all functions and tools related to medical records. System integrators can easily build new custom user interfaces or link MedLogic eHIM to third-party applications.


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