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Business Process Automation Solution

ArcMate EZIFlow® is a business process automation platform designed for document-centric workflows and powered by endless integration possibilities. ArcMate EZIFlow allows you to build custom line-of-business applications and it continues to power most of our vertical industry solutions.



  • ArcMate EZIFlow enables businesses and organizations in any industry to become paperless by automating and streamlining their document-centred processes.
  • ArcMate EZIFlow is equipped out of the box with a workflow engine, a process designer, a control panel, and a web user workspace, all available in multiple languages.
  • With ArcMate EZIFlow you can build line-of-business applications or integrate existing systems to take advantage of its document workflow capabilities.
  • Users can interact with ArcMate EZIFlow through its standard customizable web-based workspace, or alternatively through custom-built HTML interfaces, or PDF forms, or even Microsoft Office files.
  • ArcMate EZIFlow’s robust workflow engine and control panel features a scalable architecture, automatic load balancing, and ad-hoc process management.
  • ArcMate EZIFlow integrates seamlessly with ArcMate Enterprise Document Management System thus embedding powerful document workflow features on top of the core functionalities of ArcMate Enterprise.

Process Design

  • ArcMate EZIFlow® features an easy-to-use process designer that allows you to map your business processes visually and implement improvements.
  • Apply conditional logic, manipulate process variables, split and join processes, fire sub-processes, escalate late processes, and build your own event handlers.
  • Assign absolute or relative time limits to process completion or individual activities, and factor in working hours and multiple calendars.
  • Trigger email and SMS notifications with personalized messages using tags from any of the process variables and include direct links for processing.


Workflow Engine

  • ArcMate EZIFlow’s workflow engine was designed for scalability and features automatic workload distribution and load balancing as well as ad-hoc process management.
  • Process templates are stored in the workflow engine with versioning enabled, and processes can be initiated in numerous ways including email messages.
  • ArcMate EZIFlow uses secure file storage and centralized server-side database connectivity.
  • ArcMate EZIFlow integrates with the certificate server of your choice to enable digital signatures for signing actions and transactions.
  • Administrators have the ability to keep snapshots of running instances with the ability to roll back to any previous state of the instance.

Usage and Applications

  • ArcMate EZIFlow was built as a flexible platform to enable and power business applications in any sector.
  • Users can interact with an ArcMate EZIFlow-powered application either through custom-built interfaces built on its API, or through its built-in user workspace and form integration capabilities.
  • With ArcMate EZIFlow’s web-based user workspace users can browse their prioritized work lists, customize the view, action-items, and manage delegation.
  • ArcMate EZIFlow can integrate with forms in multiple formats including HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel.




  • ArcMate EZIFlow provides two methods of integration: an XML Web Service interface for cross-platform integration, and a Dot Net Object API for easy integration with MS .NET applications and systems.
  • Event handlers in ArcMate EZIFlow’s process designer can be scripted to interface with any third-party system.
  • ArcMate EZIFlow features a comprehensive ASPX controls library for Microsoft Visual Studio to enable developers to build workflow-enabled


  • ArcMate EZIFlow provides administrators with full visibility, logging, and control over all users, processes, running instances, workloads, and queues.
  • Administrators can intervene at any point to reassign or delegate tasks, manage workloads, and activate or deactivate processes.
  • ArcMate EZIFlow enables advanced management of users and privileges while integrating with Microsoft Active Directory and mapping your organization’s hierarchy by setting an organizational structure or dynamically linking it with an external source such as Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Reporting in ArcMate EZIFlow goes beyond the standard operational reports to provide analytics on productivity such as tracking minimum, maximum and average execution times for every process or activity or user.

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