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Enterprise Document Management System

ArcMate Enterprise™ is an industry-leading solution for document management trusted by enterprises and government departments for accelerating digital transformation. ArcMate Enterprise is powered by a Service Oriented Architecture and is available in Enterprise and DataCenter editions.


  • ArcMate Enterprise is based on an n-tier architecture designed for security and scalability, with core functions built and embedded as services.
  • ArcMate Enterprise is an open system that uses industry-standard formats and relies on no proprietary technology, thus securing investments long-term.
  • ArcMate Enterprise is a fully web-based system with an intuitive user interface available in English, Arabic, French, and Turkish.
  • With ArcMate’s native mobile apps for iOS and Android, users can easily capture, find, and share documents on the go.
  • ArcMate Enterprise is powered by an advanced API that enables system integrators to build and integrate a line of business applications with its repository and core functionalities.

Capturing and Indexing

  • With ArcMate Enterprise you can capture and index all types of documents easily, anywhere, and anytime.
  • ArcMate Enterprise helps you automate and speed up the process of capturing and indexing using batch scanning, folder monitoring, email and Microsoft Office integration, and intelligent recognition and indexing.
  • Additional indexing data can be pulled from 3rd party systems. Validation rules can be set to ensure consistency and uniformity across systems.
  • Documents are stored and classified into a secure repository and assigned a lifespan and a sequence for retention and disposal. ArcMate Enterprise can also map your physical record storage by managing virtual storage cabinets.

Search and Retrieval

  • Locate documents and information quickly and easily with ArcMate’s intelligent search engine and advanced search features.
  • Users can search everywhere including the content of documents and annotations, and favourite searches can be saved for reuse.
  • ArcMate Enterprise is able to work with the peculiarities of languages like Arabic and Farsi to retrieve all possible variations of words, in addition to approximate and wildcard search capabilities.
  • ArcMate Enterprise features a built-in native viewer for numerous types of file formats where users can view the retrieved documents, and share them with others within or outside the organization as per the security rules set.


  • Users of ArcMate Enterprise can collaborate on documents by editing and adding different kinds of annotations.
  • ArcMate Enterprise provides an extensive set of image editing features in addition to the ability to check out documents for editing in external software. All document revisions are tracked in an advanced version control system.
  • ArcMate Enterprise features a document routing system that enables users to route documents among them in predefined sequences. Users can be assigned roles to perform different types of actions and they can delegate their rights to other users.
  • For more complex collaboration requirements ArcMate Enterprise integrates with ArcMate EZIFlow for its advanced document workflow capabilities.

Records Management


ArcMate Enterprise provides Records Management functionality to give you full control over the document/record lifecycle according to regulatory needs, starting from inception to disposition of expired records. All are according to defined file plans for each document type. These plans control the transition of records between their life phases and the parties responsible for them in each phase.


  • ArcMate Enterprise features an advanced security model that goes beyond the standard users, groups, and role or task permissions. It enforces security on the level of objects, be it a document, a page, an indexing field, a tree folder, or an annotation.
  • Various security policies can be applied to password structure, password age, account expiry, login times, or login IPs. Full audit trails are available for all types of system activity and specific users or activities can be monitored.
  • ArcMate Enterprise includes an export and backup management system that provides full and incremental backup operations in addition to scheduling. In addition, the disaster recovery module allows the reconstruction of repositories from document storage in case of any failure.

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