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Distributed Document Capturing Solution

ArcMate Capture® is a Distributed Document Capturing Solution designed to handle billions of documents in backfile conversion or ongoing scanning through highly efficient workflows.


  • ArcMate Capture was designed to serve cases where there is a need to archive substantially large amounts of documents in limited periods of time.
  • Whether for backfile conversion or for ongoing scanning, ArcMate Capture provides efficient workflows to allow distributed and continuous capturing, indexing, and release of documents.
  • ArcMate Capture allows you to design capturing workflows that comprise sequences of automatic and manual stations for scanning, classification, recognition, indexing, quality control, third-party integration, and release to ECM system.
  • ArcMate Capture handles all types of scanned documents and applies automatic image enhancements and intelligent recognition to speed up the indexing process.
  • ArcMate Capture’s distributed workflows allow the capturing of documents at multiple locations with centralized deployment and management of all running instances and batches.
  • With its advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities, ArcMate Capture ensures that target project KPIs are met with zero downtime.

Scanning and Indexing

  • ArcMate Capture provides the most robust batch scanning and separation to handle any case, in addition to the ability to define numerous scanning profiles to adapt to different conditions for the document which is helpful in the case of old or worn-out documents.
  • ArcMate Capture can also ingest images and PDF files from folders into the workflow.
  • Scanned documents of various types are automatically recognized to extract metadata for indexing. Intelligent recognition is applied to structured documents such as forms and invoices while full-text recognition is applied to the content of unstructured documents.
  • ArcMate Capture supports the recognition of text in different languages including Arabic as well as the recognition of optical marks and all types of barcodes.
  • Different sets of indexing fields are defined for different types of documents and validation rules can be enforced to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • ArcMate Capture enables head-up digitizing in order to boost the productivity of indexing and quality control operators by automatically zooming in on the source of the extracted fields in the document.

Advanced Automation

  • Resource-intensive and time-consuming operations such as OCR, form recognition, and image enhancements are automated and assigned to dedicated workstations to ensure maximal productivity and utilization of hardware.
  • User-defined automatic stages for document separation, image enhancement and data processing can be configured to reduce manual handling and increase productivity.
  • Custom scripting stages can be setup in the workflows to integrate with third-party software, such as fetching data from a remote database for indexing.



  • The final output of ArcMate Capture comprising captured, recognized and indexed documents is released into the repository of your choice, whether it’s an ECM, a DMS, an ERP or a CRM.
  • ArcMate Capture is readily configured to release into ArcMate Enterprise, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM FileNet, Documentum, Nuxeo, and OpenText among others.
  • ArcMate Capture allows multiple stages as well as multiple destinations for release simultaneously.
  • A conditional release can be configured to allow the release of documents only when they meet certain criteria.


  • ArcMate Capture features a centralized control panel to monitor and manage all stations from one place. Administrators can start, stop, and restart any instance as well as push software updates right from the server.
  • A graphical and interactive dashboard provides real-time monitoring of performance and throughput, with the ability to customize widgets and display different types of charts.
  • ArcMate Capture also provides detailed productivity reports to evaluate and streamline operations against the target KPIs.


Business Cases

Here are some examples of cases where ArcMate Capture’s high volume data capturing solution proves the great value and return on investment:


  • Government departments going through digital transformation programs and looking to convert their huge daily loads of paperwork into digital format to enhance performance and comply with regulations and audits.
  • Businesses going through audits, restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, or relocations, usually need to take control of their document history and make it available and searchable.
  • Paper-intensive industries like healthcare, banking, insurance, legal, and logistics looking to digitize their paper backlogs and clear up office space since they usually operate in prime locations.
  • Telecommunication companies with numerous point-of-sale shops looking to capture and centralize all client data.


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